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    Artisan Strap Barn Door Hardware

    The Artisan Strap barn door hardware kit is a unique, and custom designed piece that captures the combination of steel and wood perfectly. The outside of the wheel is steel, while carefully placed in the center is a stain touched spoked wooden wheel. The original design demanded attention, and has since sparked further designs.

    The center wheel is cut with a CNC Machine, to maintain the perfect circular shape and identical spokes throughout the products. The outside of the wheel is then cut down, lathed to create the groove, and manufactured expertly to fit the wooden portion in before being attached in securely.

    The strap allows the attachment of the hanger to come down the front of the door. The strap allows the door to hold its own weight as bolts will go all the way through the door. This brings the emphasis to the door and the hardware combo rather than separating the door from the hardware.

    The Weight limit for this hardware is 200lbs

    • 2 Vintage Artisan Top Mount Hangers with Stain-Touched Wheels
    • Track at Specified Length
    • 1.5″ Spacers, 1 for every foot of track ordered
    • Hex Lag Screws for every foot of track ordered
    • 2 Track Stops with hardware needed to hang
    • Floor Guide

    Any track that exceeds 9ft in length must be shipped in two separate pieces.

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    Artisan Strap Barn Door Hardware