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    Classic Barn Door Hardware

    The Classic Sliding Barn Door Hardware is our staple product. The hardware has been featured on numerous television shows, popular design and style blogs, multiple design and home magazines, in flagship stores of some of the most recognized brands in the world. It is simple, subtle, and timeless. With the simple and sleek design, combined with the efficient and load bearing capabilities, make it a perfect fit for any style, any door, and any home. Our Classic Hardware looks great no matter what look you’re going for.

    The simple design has been perfected to fit with any style of home décor, from rustic, to transitional, to modern, the simple lines and minimalist design acts as complement, enhancing whatever style is intended. A 2” wide strap encases a 3” wheel, either steel or nylon, and provides the highest weight bearing capabilities of all our hangers. The wheel has inset a bearing that results in a smooth, quietly, and incredibly easy and fluid operation of the door. Match this classic barn door hardware with any of our sliding barn doors. Designed, manufactured, and approved by Artisans.

    Each set of barn door hardware ordered includes the following:
    - Powder Coated Hardware
    - 2 Classic Straps and Wheels
    - Track at Length Ordered
    - Spacers and Lag Bolts, 1 per foot of track ordered
    - 2 stops for the end of track
    - 1 L-shaped floor bottom guide
    - All hardware, nuts, and bolts needed to attach the hardware to the door
    - Weight Limit per Hardware is 400 lbs.

    *Upgrade to Nylon for a smoother and quieter roll
    *Any track longer than 9ft must be shipped in 2 separate pieces
    *Clearance needed above top of door is 5 1/2″

    Resources: What Length Track Do I Need?

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    Classic Barn Door Hardware