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    Classic Top Mount Sliding Barn Door Hardware

    The Classic Top Mount sliding barn door hardware has 3″ wheel and top mount hanging system creates a modern spin on the classic vintage look that barn doors provide. With only 5 1/4″ of clearance needed from the top of the door to the ceiling, the hardware is the lowest profile of all standard hardware kits that NW Artisan Hardware offers.

    The top mount style hanger is often used to hang closet or bedroom doors, though it can be used for just about any door imaginable.

    The hanger itself is made and welded to withstand the highest amount of weight possible, a set of 2 holds up to 400lbs.

    • 2 top mount hangers and wheels
    • Track at Specified Length
    • 1.5″ Spacers, 1 for every foot of track ordered
    • Hex Lag Screws for every foot of track ordered
    • 2 Track Stops with hardware needed to hang
    • Floor Guide

    Any track that exceeds 9ft in length must be shipped in two separate pieces.
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    Classic Top Mount Sliding Barn Door