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Surecrete Super Concrete Renovator (SCR)

SureCrete’s SCR is a concentrated concrete cleaner, degreaser, and etcher which is a safe alternative to muriatic acid for driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios. Manufactured for the solution to go into the pores of the concrete and to bubble the impurities out to be rinsed away. Learn how to clean concrete, cement, bricks, and pavers. Super Concrete Renovator (SCR) is also eco-friendly. SCR formula quickly dissolves mortar, scale, rust, algae, stains, and mineral deposits such as efflorescence. SureCrete’s product is a stronger cleaner than citric acid and a safe alternative to muriatic acid, as it contains no toxic heavy metals or ozone-depleting solvents. SCR will open the concrete pours to allow stain, dye, or sealer to penetrate correctly.

Use On:
- All SureCrete Overlays
- Brick, Mortar, Paver & Grout Surfaces
- Porcelain
- Vitreous China Surfaces & Fixtures
- Stamp tools & molds

Coverage: 150 Square Feet Per Diluted Gallon

- Tech Data Sheet
- Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Responsibility
  • Air Value
  • Hand Crafted

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Surecrete Super Concrete Renovator (SCR)
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Why We Love It

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value
  • Hand Crafted

sustainable ingredients,
responsible manufacturing,
environmental protection,
worker protection,
no ‘green washing’

non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, no or low VOCs, fights mold, purifies air, insulates sound

anything that is “handmade”