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Ecoprocote Soy-It™ Paint & Adhesive Stripper

Ecoprocote Soy-It Paint & Adhesive Stripper is the leading bio based professional grade, safe paint remover-stripper and multi purpose coatings remover that may be used for vertical and horizontal surface removal applications. It has a "gel-like" viscosity and will not readily evaporate, providing the most efficient penetration and removal of difficult coatings.

It effectively replaces highly volatile products such as; Acetone, MEK, Methylene Chloride, Toluene, Cyclohexanone, Ethyl Acetate, Aliphatic Petroleum Distillates, Mineral Spirits, D'Limonene, Naptha and others. It is a fast acting, low odor high performing industrial safety solvent that is soy based, non-flammable, non-toxic and is very low in VOC.

Soy-It is the safest method of removing paint and adhesive because it doesn't evaporate under normal conditions. It will keep the painted surface from drying out and will not allow the creation of airborne dust. During the removal of coatings, Soy-It creates a seal of the foreign material being removed for easier disposal. Outperforms other paint strippers and solvents to help you get the job done fast and safe. The strongest formulation with less odor than competitive products.

Coverage: 150-200 Square Feet Per Gallon

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  • Air Value

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Ecoprocote Soy-It™ Paint & Adhesive Stripper