Ecoprocote Soy-It Graffiti Remover For Unpainted Surfaces

Ecoprocote Soy-It Graffiti Remover for unpainted surfaces is a soy based, highly effective, low VOC, non flammable, bio-based product that replaces many common high VOC, terpene D'Limonene or petrochemical based products.

It is specially formulated to be environmentally sound, user friendly and contains natural, biodegradable ingredients that quickly and easily remove paint, in, crayon, magic marker and adhesive residue from unpainted surfaces.

The unique, natural polymer allows the product to cling to vertical surfaces for extended periods of time for the removal of tough, sun baked graffiti, yet is easily rinsed away. Use on unpainted surfaces including concrete, brick, stucco, ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, marble, granite, formica, enamel, and all unpainted metal surfaces.

Let Soy-It Graffiti Remover do the tough work for you without damage to your unpainted surface. Easy to apply. Easy to remove. Simple. Safe.

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  • Air Value

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Ecoprocote Soy-It Graffiti Remover For Unpainted Surfaces