NylFoam Trim Pad Applicator

6" NylFoam Trim Applicator is an ideal manual application tool for cutting edges with our stains. The attached handles will accept standard threaded poles. It is a professional applicator tool to allow a uniform thin spread and allows working stains into the substrate with durable performance. Threaded for extension handle (not included).

  • Holds more stain for a thin, uniform application
  • For a smoother, lint-free finish
  • For all water-based stains and urethanes
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Saves time, saves material, saves money

Achieve better results in less time than with ordinary fabric rollers. Reservoir action carries most of the stain below the surface. Applies a more even coating thickness in less time with less product waste.

Optional 6" Foam Pad Refills available.

  • Responsibility

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NylFoam Trim Pad Applicator