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Ecoprocote Soy-It Concentrate Bio Based Industrial Degreaser

Ecoprocote Soy-It Bio-Based Concentrate Degreaser replaces highly volatile products such as; terpenes, petrochemical based products, including mineral spirits, D'Limonene and Naptha. It is a high performance industrial cleaner/degreaser that is bio based, non-flammable, non-toxic and is very low in VOC. A safe and effective solution for; automotive, aircraft, agricultural, marine cleaning and general degreasing operations. Use Soy-It to prepare substrate surfaces for painting, sealing, or application of other coating finishes.

This neutral PH, low VOC, bio-based all-purpose cleaner will not damage aluminum, stone or plastics, yet is as effective as any butyl or alkaline products on the market. In grease plate tests, Soy-It Concentrate exceeded the leading commercial all purpose concentrate as well as all other commercially available cleaners tested.

The advanced soy formulation easily removes grease, oils, carbon, lipstick, dirt and grime. Soy-It may be used ready to use or diluted with water depending on the application. Dilution ratio is up to 1:30. It is safe for use on concrete, aluminum, finished and unfinished wood, painted surfaces, vinyl flooring, grill hoods, automotive and fleet finishes, upholstery, carpet and more...

Soy-It All-Purpose Degreaser is environmentally sound and it has been approved by the EPA's Design for the Environment program as well as some the leading industrial and food service suppliers in the United States.

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Ecoprocote Soy-It Concentrate Bio Based Industrial Degreaser