AFM Safechoice Lock Out

AFM SafeChoice Lock Out is designed to perform two functions: first, to help seal in the outgassing of chemicals found in carpet fibers, and second to help repel dirt and stains. SafeChoice Lock Out sealer is designed to be used in conjunction with Safechoice Carpet Shampoo (to clean) and Safechoice Carpet Seal (to seal carpet backing). This three-part system cleans out and helps to seal in the irritating chemicals found throughout a typical carpet.

Use On: Safechoice Lock Out is generally suitable for synthetic carpets and rugs. Because of variations in materials and production processes used by different manufacturers, you should always spot test to insure compatibility with your carpet. Wool fibers generally do not react well to water based products, so SafeChoice Lock Out is not recommended for wool.

- Fights indoor air pollution by stopping the outgassing of irritating materials from carpet backing - the only product in the world so designed.
- Especially important for professional maintenance people who maintain centrally-ventilated buildings where occupants are subject to the effects of all toxic discharges within the building, including those from carpet and building and maintenance products.
- When used in conjunction with Safechoice Carpet Shampoo and Safechoice Carpet Seal , provides a unique system for reducing the effects of carpet toxicity.
- Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.
- Repels dirt and stains.

Coverage: One gallon of SafeChoice Lock Out covers approximately 300 square feet for medium to tight weave carpet.

- Tech Data Sheet
- Material Safety Data Sheet
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AFM SafeChoice Lock Out