Vasari Stucco 5 Gallon Dry Mix

Stucco is a lime based product and is ideal for exteriors and can also used on interiors. Dry mixes need to be mixed with about 10-11 quarts of water before use. It will make 5 gallons of material and will perform exactly like our wet mix product. Stucco can be burnished to a soft natural variation of color or highly textured. It contains more aggregate than Marmorino giving it even more thickness and durability. Stucco can be tinted or left natural white.

Material cost: $.50 - $.75 per square foot

Product is sold white. Tints are available on the side. Please call for details.

Coverage: 140 square feet over cement brown coat or 90 square feet for 2 coats

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value

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Vasari Stucco 5 Gallon Dry Mix