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History to Present: Bamboo Flooring

Posted on 07 08 15

Bamboo, a grass found in Asia, has a long history of being included in everyday life. The Chinese discovered how versatile and strong this grass is, and incorporated it into their daily lives, including weaponry, weaving, paper, and the binding of paper into books. Over 400 species of bamboo have grown in China and for centuries; its uses are innumerable. Ancient Chinese people used bamboo for everything from gunpowder to remedies: what a truly versatile plant.

In today’s day and age, there is no need to whittle our on weaponry or create our own remedies. Thus, bamboo was forced to find a different purpose, and in the early 1990’s, it was introduced as a type of hardwood flooring. However, public opinion was not initially excited by the prospect. They were aware of bamboo’s usefulness, but only as it applied to common uses like fishing poles and chopsticks. Bamboo as a type of hardwood flooring didn’t really become popular until the public were educated on the matter.

Bamboo has a hardness that is comparable to other hardwoods used for flooring. Most importantly, bamboo is sustainable and fast-growing. Trees used for hardwood flooring can take 30 years to grow and mature before they are ready to be harvested. However, bamboo grows exponentially quicker, which in turn both cuts costs and helps the environment.

Today, bamboo flooring is a popular partially because more and more individuals are looking for ways to use sustainable products whenever possible. Bamboo flooring is also appreciated because it comes in a huge variety of colors and styles. It can even be “painted” during the manufacturing process to resemble other types of hardwood. This process is more of a digital process than actual painting, which allows it to truly capture the subtleties of grain and shading found in actual woods. Advances in the Bamboo flooring industry have created a technique of strand-weaving Bamboo strands together. Strandwoven Bamboo is harder than the hardest hardwood.

Bamboo flooring is not only a much more affordable option for hard wood floors made from expensive woods, but it’s the option that is working to protect the environment. The rise of bamboo flooring could mean the preservation of old forests from illegal logging. Bamboo flooring both saves you money, and helps protect the environment.

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