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The Modern Day Hippie

Posted on 11 11 14

In the last 5 years, sustainability has easily become the most thought provoking “buzzword” for any company looking to provide innovation in a market severely lacking. Well, as it spanned the country, the ideas that initially brought sustainability into fruition have gotten a bit lost in translation.

Sustainability was originally defined as “development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.”

The problem many saw with defining sustainability this way is that it literally limits itself in the process. Well since 2008, Eco Simplista has had no limits. With Derek and Dana Shambora at the helm of notable projects such as Barry's Boot Camp in Miami to giving Tap 42, one of the best gastropubs in South Florida, its countertop; Eco Simplista is thriving more than ever.

Innovative ideas begin and end with the notion that what has been done is not quite yet complete. How exactly does one sell innovation? Dumb luck I suppose. But for the most, you market it to those willing to invest in ideas worth sharing. And it just so happens, we have a lot of those.

From unique counter tops, to non-toxic paints, and even eco flooring. We haven’t been trying to corner the market, we’ve been trying to reinvent it. If you’re looking to see what sustainability really means to the day to day consumer, put your feet up and stay for a bit. I think you’ll like it here.

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