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Bullnose - Concrete Countertop Edge Profile

SureCrete’s counter top edge profiles are available in 50′ rolls. These edge profiles, made from extruded PVC, offer a more cost-effective solution for one-off pours. Edge Molds are the easiest and most cost-effective way to form a decorative edge profile on concrete countertops, furniture and other concrete and GFRC projects. Use these Chamfer, Eased Square, Ogee and Bullnose pieces to create detailed edge designs with all concrete counter top mix and GFRC mixes, either precast or cast in place.

These decorative edge mold form liners are easy to work with and durable enough to be used many, many times. Trim to length with a standard razor knife. Support the concrete countertop edge mold with plywood angles, standard 2×4 lumber, foam or any other rigid material. Create any shape. Perfect for forming openings for under mount sinks. Use bare or with your preferred release. Installation is easy with our custom three-quarter inch wide Pressure Sensitive Adhesive double-sided form tape. Clean with water or denatured alcohol as needed.

Whether you are looking to make a one-time concrete countertop or bathroom vanity, these edge profiles can add a great level of dimension to your custom concrete pieces. They are easy enough to work with that even in a do-it-yourself project for the weekend warrior with little to no experience, they can be used with little to no training at all. If you are a professional fabricator and looking to make multiple copies of the same piece, these PVC edge details can be re-used a number of times, keeping your production costs down to a minimum.

- Detail Height: 1-1/2″
- Roll Length: 50′

How Do You Apply SureCrete Concrete Countertop Edge Profiles Detailing Molds?
1. Measure out your precast edge areas where you intend to use the Edge Details and cut them to your desired length using a razor knife.
2. Behind the edge detail, place some form of support to keep the PVC from flexing after your precast mix is placed in the mold. Simplest items are angles, 2×4 lumber pieces or secured foam rails.
3. When placing your precast blend into your mold with edge details, make sure to vibrate or push the mix around by hand around the edge detail area to ensure maximum readibility and to work out any air pockets or voids.
4. Immediately after your casted concrete piece is removed from the mold, remove your edge detail piece and clean it thoroughly to ensure re-usability.

How Many Times Can I Re-Use Edge Profiles?
Usualy many, many times over – it’s completely dependent upon how much care is taken with the pieces as you secure them to your mold, pull your casted concrete piece from your mold and clean the edge details once removed.

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Bullnose - Concrete Countertop Edge Profile
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