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Ecoprocote Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat

The perfect balance of the highest quality 100% Acrylic emulsion and Urethane dispersion with advanced bio-based technology that offers outstanding abrasion, hot tire pick-up, chemical, water, and weather resistance for interior or exterior use. A breathable, uniquely hard yet flexible coating that waterproofs, protects, and beautifies numerous compatible substrates. An enhanced solvent free wax emulsion further improves scratch resistance with recoat and burnishing compatibility to help maintain a beautiful finish for years to come.

Ecoprocote Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat is a single component, zero VOC, ultra tough waterproof coating material. There are no hazardous ingredients, is non-flammable and virtually odorless. It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world. It is capable of withstanding abrasion, UV, chemicals, hot tire pick-up, and submersible applications (AQ formula). Eco-Tuff is used in major theme parks, water parks, oil rigs, ocean liners, resorts, military, universities, and much more. Choose formulations for use on concrete, wood, fiber cement, FRP panels, fiberglass, and metal surfaces. Each formulation is customized for its intended application.

Coverage: 250-300 Square Feet Per Gallon

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value

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Ecoprocote Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat
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Why We Love It

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value

sustainable ingredients,
responsible manufacturing,
environmental protection,
worker protection,
no ‘green washing’

non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, no or low VOCs, fights mold, purifies air, insulates sound