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Surecrete Super WB Concrete Sealer

Surecrete Super WB Concrete Sealer is a 30% solids, water based, low VOC, strong binding, “wet look”, clear, acrylic sealer for vertical or horizontal cementitious surfaces. This product contains a hybrid, self-cross-linking, acrylic resin with built-in water repellent and tenacious penetration and adhesion. It contains no wax or silicone additives. The coating is chemical resistant, durable, does not blush, has long gloss retention, and is easy to clean. Super WB Concrete Sealer is non-flammable and environmentally safe (25 g/L VOC).

Surecrete's Super WB (Water Based) Concrete Sealer is a great sealer for indoor or outdoor projects in which cost is an issue, but being 'green' or environmentally friendly is important. Especially so when working in or around nursing homes, schools, hospitals or other areas where there is a large number of people present while work is being done. Water Based acrylic sealers have near zero VOC's, and are ecologically acceptable in even the strictest of low-VOC states and architect specs. There simply isn't a better option for a breathable acrylic concrete sealer than Surecrete's Super WB (water based) Concrete Sealer.

While many water based acrylic sealers have a bad reputation for not being as dependable as a solvent based acrylic, Surecrete has made strides to improve the longevity and durability of its water based acrylic sealer so that it can hold up in some of the harshest outdoor high traffic environments. Architects and engineers can spec Surecrete's Super WB (water based) Concrete Sealer with confidence in any project requiring a breathable acrylic concrete sealer, be it for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, pool decks, hotels or many other commercial locations.

Coverage: Dependent upon porosity of substrate; at least 900 sq. ft. @ one coats per 5—gal. pail

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value

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 Surecrete Super WB Concrete Sealer
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Why We Love It

  • Responsibility
  • Air Value

sustainable ingredients,
responsible manufacturing,
environmental protection,
worker protection,
no ‘green washing’

non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, no or low VOCs, fights mold, purifies air, insulates sound